May 27, 2024

Scandinavia’s Best Kept Foodie Secrets Revealed

As a travel journalist and retired food truck chef, I have had the pleasure of exploring the world and experiencing different cuisines. However, one region that has always intrigued me is Scandinavia. Known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and minimalist design, Scandinavia is also home to some of the most unique and delicious foods in the world. In this article, I will reveal Scandinavia’s best-kept foodie secrets that every traveler must try.

Smørrebrød in Denmark

Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich that is a must-try for any foodie visiting Denmark. Made with rye bread and topped with a variety of ingredients such as pickled herring, smoked salmon, roast beef, and liver pate, smørrebrød is a perfect combination of flavors and textures. One of the best places to try smørrebrød is Aamanns in Copenhagen, where they use organic and locally sourced ingredients to create their delicious sandwiches.

Fiskesuppe in Norway

Norway is known for its seafood, and one dish that every traveler must try is fiskesuppe, or fish soup. Made with a variety of fish such as cod, salmon, and haddock, fiskesuppe is a hearty and flavorful soup that is perfect for a cold day. One of the best places to try fiskesuppe is at Fisketorget in Bergen, where they serve their soup with freshly baked bread and a side of aioli.

Reindeer Meat in Sweden

Sweden is home to one of the most unique meats in the world – reindeer. Reindeer meat is lean and flavorful, and is often served as a steak or in a stew. One of the best places to try reindeer meat is at the famous restaurant, Fäviken, located in the small town of Järpen. The restaurant serves a 20-course tasting menu that features reindeer meat in several dishes, including a reindeer heart tartare and a reindeer broth.

Karelian Pies in Finland

Karelian pies are a traditional Finnish pastry that is made with rye flour and filled with rice porridge. The pies are often served with egg butter, which is made by mixing butter and hard-boiled eggs together. Karelian pies are a perfect snack for any time of day and are available at most cafes and bakeries in Finland.

Smoked Lamb in Iceland

Iceland is known for its unique cuisine, and one dish that stands out is smoked lamb. The lamb is smoked over birch wood, which gives it a distinct smoky flavor. One of the best places to try smoked lamb is at the restaurant, Fjöruborðið, located in the small town of Stokkseyri. The restaurant serves a delicious smoked lamb dish that is served with potatoes and a side of béarnaise sauce.


Scandinavia is a foodie’s paradise, and these dishes are just a few of the many delicious foods that the region has to offer. From smørrebrød in Denmark to smoked lamb in Iceland, Scandinavia’s cuisine is diverse, flavorful, and unique. So, the next time you visit Scandinavia, be sure to try these dishes and explore the region’s rich culinary traditions.

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